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warn that the u-s could &pfall behind its eneeies. jennifer griffin tells us about tte dramatic changes the mmlitary would have to make. make. for the firss time in two years the pentagoo says it aircraft carriers in the persian gull. the u-s-s truman would have left defenseesecretary leon panetta blamed the utback on things will get worse.sot - being a firsttrate power in the world, we'ddturn inno a seconddrate power. that would the president'' top dempseyysayss "... yoo won't finddthis chairman arguing that we need to do more with less. you'll find me arguing &pthat if that happens we need to do less with less." as the u-s and most of its allies decrease theirrdefense spending, its advvrsariee are doing the opposite: in fact russia will surpass u-s defense spendiig in erms of overall perrent of gdp in just pwo years. china is slated to overtake the u-- in 2035.sot jim thomas says: ".. you've seen ouble digit increasss in chinese defense spending for more than 15 should not only give pause to the united states, but it really should be a source of the region as well
u-s coast guard -3 says a leak in a uel-oil returnnllnne hat was connected to onn of the ship'' generaaors s the cause ... after tte ii hit a hot &psurffce. more hann4- thousand paasenners and ccee wereesttrnded off thh coast of mexico ffo five ays last week. the ship wass eventually towed to alabamma tturssay nnght. he -u-s coast guarr says the several months. 33 a florida man is accusee of child abuse aftee pllegedly putting bleach n his baby'' bottte. police ssy the father ... 22-yearrold carron & assinntoo ixed a cap full f -bleach with her baby formula and fed ii to her. waahington says his daughter has bbennsufferiig from - preatting ppoblems siineebirth and thought that woull help her. &p3 i was told by anooter friend of mine that iviig baby a top - of bleach,,just the top of it -3 would helppher breath a little bbtte -&pbbtte the baby is reccoering. f 3 to ten years in prison. he's being hell oo aa & p5-thhusand-dollaa bonn. 3& health offfcials are wwrnin
their u-s heedquarters..elinda roeder trying to balance gun control and busiiesss &p3advocates for gun control wa limit the tpe of guns allowed in maryland. ann hh weapons politiiians are targeting - are exactly what beretta is &pmakkng at its price george's ccunty headquarters. headquarters. beretta manufacturing plann - employees several hundred ppecialiie in rifles... and american soodier and plenty of police officers.this s their maryland lawmakers want tt ban pome of the ame rifles made here... and somm pissol magaziies.... meaniig the people that mnufacttre thess guns couldn't legally oon them. the goal - maay say - ii to reduceecrime. but somm proposee restrictions actually would.(curt anderson) 10:43::7 "the murder rrte in ballimore been committed wth assault ve attorney tells fox 45 beretta had ppanned to expaad its plaat in prince george's coonny. but thhse laws could another statt liie virginia, wwere tte company has already senatt president mike miiler - who represenns this aree - says tte llw will make room ffr gun manufacturinng.. miller: 11131:13 "welllthhre
of jobs...//.beretta u-s-a... in... p-g... county... - is... threateninn to leave he state..../ - quote... whh expand inna place... where the people whoo &pábuiltá... the gun... - couldn't buy ii?"the... company... -3 invvsted... more ttann.. one million dollars... 3&p for... a nee... - under... an... - "assault wwapons ban"... that advvaced... last annapplis.../ the... gun... woold be illegal... in the state....// beretta'ss.. 9... millimeter pistol.. whicc... ii soldder.... and... sevvral policee departmenns... ccold... allo be banned... wiih its... 13- bulleet mmaazine. &&p3 one... of thhse locations... could be mississippi....//tte state... speaker of the - house... is trying to lure gun manufaaturers... to áhisá state... ?? including... some from marylaan..../republican... philip gun... ent a letter... to... 14 gunmakers.... iiviting them ...to -operatioos to his state...//. po mmssissip
. exxeets saa the countty is far frommhaving a - nnclear--rreddmissile that coold hreaten the u-s.but &pmany ccuntries still have concernssaabut its iitentiooss 3 or the thirddyear in a &roowb-w-i airport has set a recorddforrppssenger traffic. 33 o'malley sayssmore thann 2 -3& poinn ssxxmillion pagengees used the airport last year. that's a one point three in jjly the airrort also see a new monthly record wiih more than two poont two &&pmillion assengers. &p33 annual cargo shipmeet also rose. in 2012 wo new airliies egan service at &the airport. 3 thh richest americans are mostly livinggin -33&pthe suuurbs. according o the u-s census &pbureau more than six-peceet of household''sin america's househhlds made the cut f top -3& earners. tte study fouun wealthy people tend to -3llie near major pppuuation centerrs southern connncticut has the highhst -3 number f wealthy & houssholds... followed by siliione valley. 3 an owl gets a seconn chance a life after being hitt by a
of the president...why he says the u-s... is inndanger of falling... like tte roman empire -33 p,3 good evening.i'm jennifer gilbert.anne arundel ounty will soon gt a new leader. the county couucil has 30 days to elect a replacementt foo john leopald, who rsignnd as coonty executive after he was convicted him of pisconduut.tooight -- maryland'' former ffrst lady... ttlls melinda rreder - 3 job. 3 look live intro 3& 23:40:20 "i think if the voters were able to decidee &pthis, i would definitely be the strong frontrunner in this -3 scenarii."kendel ehrlich issno ssranger to oliticss.. butt this week... shh's workkng on a campaign of her own.lobbying ssuport mong council members.... whom she hopes will select er to fill the now--accnt eattof anne arundellcounty execctivv.a uniquely qualifieddfor. hhr -3tto biggest ssrengths??? name -33&precoonition... and being a woman.23:37:20-29 "i think itt woouddgive reat ppeasure to -3 theewwmennof theecouutt to have a little dignitt.....ovee the last monnhs."former exxcutive john leopold officially stepppd down friday..
texas senator ted cruise. we have got a job and right now the u.s. senate is the battlefield. they are calling you a gop rock star. i try to pay very little attention to the media. my focus is on trying to make a difference for the principle that is make this country strong. cbn's david brody one on one with texas senator ted cruise. on "the 700 club" wednesday 33 p3 new this orning... more than - a dozen are injured nn two peoole missing, after aa exxlosion sparked a four larm fire in kansas city, missouri. rippinn through jj's restaurant.about 100 firefighters battled thh fire. missouri gas energy believes a 3 gas line uuderground.there's no definite word on when tte 3 a hearing to determine if drew peterson gets a newwtrial resumee ttday.his attorneys says his former representationn failed to properly defend hii judge says he'll go straiggt to sentencing if he rejects the motionnfor rettiallthe 59--ear-old peterson as convicted of killing his third &pwife, kathheen ssavio.he was -3 also suspected in the disappearrnce of his fourth wiie, stace
-& responders... were able to - pull the truckkon to ramp. p3 the u-s posttoffice is cutting back ----again.facing massivv & debt and decliniig need forr serrice, the agency is proposing some big changes to mail elivery. but as jennifer davis reportssfrom washinggon - some critics -3 aague the post office doesnt this change - while thers custtmees who rrly on wwekend deliveries. deeiveries. 3 saturray maal delivvry is going the aa ff he pony express. theeuus postal service is announcing that n dollars a yyar, come auggst itt mail on weekddys. donnhoe & condition is urgent." packages will still be deliveeed on ssturdays - a area of growth within the agency. but the post - officeesays it has o address &pbillionss f losses as more people use email and it's required to pre-pay future & donahoe sayss "we've - lost way too much money, it's the corrrct bbsiiess deciiion,, -3 it's ressonnible, and it'ss common sense."" the congress, which mandates saatrday deliveryy but the 3 around that beeause the governmmnt's operating under a
3 3 3 -3 3 &p stiil to cooe... increasiig love.theetop five cities for singges... across the u-s.& cronin says: "if yoo love art,, turning something bbttered into something beautiful, then you'll love it." it."trass... into treasure.the famous boarrwalk... that's taken on ee life following -3 puper storm sandyy ((break 2)) p, 3 3 more thannthree months after super storm sandyy wreaaed havoc in llog beach, new york, a local artist is battered boardwalk nto ppeces of art. joel waldman tellssus, trash is being treasuree 3beach boarrwalk... sandy had her way 3 pith it ... more than ttree monnhs ssorm strucc ...just about all the historic -3 landmark ...are these concrete stanchions.... youu 3 ... unless oo''e artist paureen cronin...cronin says: - "in the broken wooo i see long beach ffr your own personal vision of long beachh" visions offangels ... - seascapes .... cronin motivation... using the splintered, deetroyed wood create art.crrnin says: - "taking somethinggttat's -3 brooen anddddmaged anddturning into some
of seefood sold in the u-s... thatts islabeled. 3 perez: "neverragain in my life - will iieven walk arouud a cruise ship. ship.re-thinking your trrvvl -3 plans... after tte arnival triummhhdisasser.the good deals that may actually be -3 avaalable... to annone - coosidering a cruise. ((break 2)) 3 3 the very publlc and vile story pf thousandssstranded on bbard -3 a crippled cruise shhp may havv you thinking ttice about your future vacation plans. some say now's a prime time to book our ttavel. phil -3 keaaing reportss 3 3 nats: "we had to poop -3 iun a bag" it waa a nighttare at sea...naass this terribll ooor... the sanitation wass -3jjss ut of connrol" nats: "that's when ii became a floaaing petri dish" nats: "try to live in there for three minuuee and breath"a crriss liner.... viitually paralyzed after a fire on-board knocked out everything from power to plumbing. paasengers say it eventuaaly turred into a ship & of sqqalor. many of them, ssy -3 they''l never sail again. perez: never again in my life - will i even walk arrund a cruise sh
the c-d-cc... ffom 2007 to 2010 ... u-s their daily calories from fast 3 from nearly 13-percent ii 2006. the rrport also found hat african &pamericans ate ore faat foods thhn hites and hispanics. 3 ate more fast foods than seniors. 3 the b-more -healthy expo returrs to baltimore... tomorrow... saturday,,february 23rd. -3 22rd.you can gee ealth állveá ennertainment... a fit &pann fun kids zone... and much much more.the b-more healthy expo startssat 10 a-m at the baltimore convention center. -3 wwell see you theee! 3 it's a hance toossep bbck in time, ann leern new facts & about oneeof our country's - most important times. -3 times. the b&o railroad museum's display on theeccvil war, hows how dangerous it waa on the rails, buu thiss & weekend, there's a new way to tell the story for he whole family. joel d. ssith is llve noo wiih more f thhoee joel d. p3 -& 3 coming up on the early edition... fghting autism wwth sppecal food. food."most ressaaraats wiil never do what i do or ever be do it." it."how a maryya
. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
3 more winter weather.. causing avoc in thh u-s. f weecan expect snow... or & just ore rain thissweeeend. 3 new hope in the fight 3 new drug being rollee out.. and when it will be availaale 3 3 33 3&p3 3 ááaadib over ááadlib over weather shhtáá 3 dattááchht wiih tonyáá &p 3 ,3 the middwst is 3 that system isn't done et. mostly rain... mike ttbii northeast are bracing for a third weekend of snow. snow. 3 a massive wintee sttrm -- moving over the great lakes... after rrcking several statessacrrss tte midwwstt the storm dumped 17 inches of snow in hays, kansas. nd parts of okkahoma, misssuri and nnbraska had more than a foot pf snow. drivers accoss the region -- struggling to control theer vehicles. mos11 sayss "i am very uppettiig... says: "i hink people pnderestimattd the amount of snow we were gonna get. and 3 thoughh they could make it to - work and tt and from work, and that's what happenss" the storr -- forcing airlines to cancel hndreds of fl
hospital ship, the u-s-n-s comfort is emmarkkng today on another humanitarian mission & in south america. 3 jool d. smith isslivv in cannon with deeails on ttaa & trip ann what will happen if ccngress does not come to a compromise before friday. p good morning joel d. 33 3 p3 3 p3 3 eeer wonddr what happens... when you ask your kiddto ake want to? to?ttke a look at this hillrious videe one couple captured... of their toddler son, jude. 3 too muchhfun face-planting pntoohis pilloo- baay onitor 3&pcatchhs the whole thing on camera- as youucan see... nap & time was ánotá 3 a suucess-260-thouuand hits on youtuue coming up... the jackpot keees growinng!- growiiggwe're giving away 300-dollars ánextá... as part of our "freebruarr" contestt & contest.if yyu hhven't going to ffccbook dot coo slash fox baltimoree 3 then listen in or your name... after the break. 3& yyu're watthing 3 fox 45 morning ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪,3 explore the world of your - favorite superhero!the jewish museem of maryland gives you -3 an inside look into comic &pbboos. 3 emily gr
hh should 3 poming up... 3 ww're less than an hour pway... ffom a major annoonccment y the u-s ostal 3 pheeriig naas natsbut next... a pint-size about hoops.we'll how yoo &pjust how mazing his skills -3aae... next. you'ree watchinn fox 455good day - 3& it's the video... hat'' preating quite a buzz online. online.check this guy out!!i's 22year-old itus....whoos a & master at getting the ball in the hoop. hoop.he can do it all overrhis house... facing orwards oo baakwards... and his accuracy is ggeat! & 3- 3 3 3 map 395 maa 175 map 3 3 it'ssour ree-bru-ary giveaaay! giveawayyeveryday in febbuary we're giving awaa 1000 ollars aa hour..- hour.óóóóóó you have 0 ,,3 minutee to call us aa the - number n your screee. pcreen.if yyu don'ttcall in.. 3 nnxt hour for someone else to win! win!to get your name in the poxx..go to facebook dot com & slash foxbbltimore and fiil &pthere to read compleee contess pules. 3 cominn up... we know how - important it is to brush oou 3 buu whha aboot ourrpets?upp - nexxt.. how to maae surr your pet has a ea
innthe house. the u-s olympic committee is asking thh citt -&ppf baltimooe to make nother &pruu for tteegood. - gold. ballimore pursued the olympics ttn yearssago but fell short whhnnlondon was awarded the 2012 games. pnna letter received this -3wwekk the u-s olympic coomittee nviied ballimore and 33-othee cities o connsder osting the 20244 mayor stephanie rawlingssblaae -& says she as yet to rrviewwtte letterrbut is excited about the possiiilities. that brings us oo or questioo - of theeday.do you think olympics? -3&p33 go to fox-baltimore ddt com & and tell us what you think. you can also sound off though at foxbaltimore. anddyou can text your aaswer to 452033 -3 enner fox45a for yes... or 3 3& ravens receivee jacoby joness had a fantastic seaaon thii yyaa.big catchee and even --3&pbiiger sppeial tteas plys... pncluding that 118- yyrd &preturn in the super bowl. & hees... soldifying aatimore'' win... with some innk pnk..ones... sent these pics... on... instagram....// being... a... nee rleans pntiie.../
budget uts could &phave on our military. 3 u-s troops oodered to leave afgganistan.what american ssldders are accused of doing to innocent people. 3 "we need help, biitime qqick.okay, they're on their pay sir.""-& ssr.""nd more than 2 dozen fanssinjured.tte desperate calls foo help fter a crash i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios -- america's fastest, most reliable internet -- you get it. but don't take our word for it, ask a real fios customer. ask me why fiber optics matters. ask me about the upload speeds. [ male announcer ] so send a tweet, and get the real scoop from a real fios customer. get fios now for an even better price online -- just $89.99 a month and we'll triple your speed for free with an upgrade to fios quantum internet. plus get $250 back with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. p in.... just... fouu days,.../ -3 the countrr ...is... set to hii... huge,... auto
the igggst greeting card holiday ii the u-s... after christmas. 33 carroll anddfrederick county schooos are open 2 hhurs late. 3 3 3 p 3 3 3 libert green map 3- 3 the baatiiore ciiy schhol boaad deciids ánntá to ennw contracts of severrl charter and independently run schools. that meaas... they wiil shut down by theeend offthe next school year. year.tom rodgers has reaction to the announcement... along 3 the criterri iicluded academii perfoormnce.....climate and finaaccal government. governmmnt.bluford drew jemiion... one offthe sshools all male chhol ffcused on &pmath and ngineering.it &pooened... inn20077.. and the bbarr chair... ddits... it has hadditt share of trouble &ppn the past.in 20088.. one of phe sccool's secretaries stoll and is urrently n the process of payyng ii back..- 11:09:17 when yyo have major thefts from staff it hurtt at home buu in terms of - aaheivement the boyy hhve donn thee meassued us over a 5 year peeiod. period..the school board also 3 for baltimore ivitas and baltiiore freedom acaddmy. & 3ptoday, governor o'malle
for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service® no business too small. çi
&pmap greenspring map liberty maa 40 map 3 -3&p3 p,3 3 still to come... the u-s econnmy may be showing signs of grrwth. 3 presideet obamm pointed to... in a rrcent interview. 3&p a navy ssal ann military veteran is dead after a shootinggat a gun paage. whatt the alleged gunman said juut momentt after the shooting. 3 ((break 2)) ,3 3 &p3 &p3 two meenareeddad 3 guu range. one of theemen.... a former navy peal. the - responsible is in custody......ut thee say they are still trying to figure out 3 this tory. 3 ffrmer navy seal chris kyle & knnwn ffr his recood number of kills as a snippr... and &pfelllw veteran chad & littlefield were shot and oo theerough creek lodge ann &presort in ggen rose, texas. investigators ay aahunting police say thii man... eddie ray rouuh... took kyle's pickup trrck aad drove to hhs & his siittr that heeshot kyle & pad littlefiell. routt's siittr called police. a & pnighbor describes the sceee. they had like four shotgunsson here so i id the best
our... beyonne's u-s toor... is stopping in washington d-c. d-c. single ladies nats stay ttneed frryour chaace to - win ticcets to the shoo...
.its lithiuu-ion batteries are at the centtr of ssfety iivesttgations in the u-s and japan after fires aboard tww 7-87's.boeiig month. transparent ccll ppones... could be thinggof the future. &ptaiwan,, nveilld a ppotottpe after six years of researching is scratch and shatttr ss and resistant.the batterr ii the pnly thing that can'' bb add traasparent, so the company is workkng mmking it maller.thh company plaas to introduce the transparent hone by the end &pof the yearrtheyyare keeping the price underrwraps, bbt say it will e cheeper thhn the pppone 5. recalllng a spice... after ssme samples showed high levels of lead.áninaa internationalá voluntarily item... called áakanwu lubiá... is used mostly ii aarican uisiie as a spicc, soup thickener andda tenderrzer for meat and fish. the product was solddat stores innmaryland, irginna and to stores..iitcan be returned - chhldhood besityyis still it is one offthe tooics we'll baltiiore convention center. will see therr is the smith is streamingg ow to show phw motivation and ompetition child more active. ood &d. 3-3 the b-mor
, and proponents say nearly 20 thoosand new u-s jobs will go &down theetubes along with the uniied states..[take sot chrissopher prandoni] in 32:15 "this issnot some random arbitrary piieline. we have beee oinn this for years, foo hundreds of years and these pipelines haveeppoven to be sstble, sturdy wwys of transporting the oil that everyonn needs and consumes.""- trt:14 [pppeline viddo]okay not hundreds of years, ut ou & get the poiin. for deeades, - ool ipeliies have 3 docuuenned contaminatioo and few, and far etteen.[tar sands viddo]the oil is simply too exxensive to leave in the ground aad ttere's a growingg 3 american petroleum institute that if not by a nearly 2--- thoosand mile pipeliie then -3 most ceetainlyytte oil will find itt way intoo the u-ssby truck or rail..[christopher -3 prandoni]sot in 34:11 "there - the oil here."trt=:088seeate shots]a bipartiianngrrup of more thhn 50 uus. senators haveecome oot in support of &pthh pipeline. [standup]in " and 69 percenn of american 3 it to move forward according -3 to a harris interacttve poll
chances of -3 it coming to the u-s. 3& and.. tweee your way to a new career.what you can do on the social etworrkng ite to give yourself a leg up in thh job 3 -33 3 tuesday, februarr 19th 3& -& 3 3 3 & 33 drivers are seeing moreepainn at the pump. 3&pgas costs n average of 3-74 a gallon. thaa's - last week. last month. we áwereá paying 3-66 for a gallon this timeelast yyarr & year. it's hiitinn wallets 3 wwen hooe heating bills are 3 have been it with smaller paycheekk. pxperts ay everything from rising crude oil pricee to production cuts ann refinery closiigs may bb causing his incrrase. 3 those prices crrate a wholl other ppoblem for staae lawmakers... dealing with ways & to ncrease traasportation - rrvenuee hissweek. peek.megan gilliland is live & baatimooe with the ootioos still being considered... and -3 how much it'll ccss you. 33pgood morning guusright now... we're paaing... ?but we could see them go ven highee... s - lawmakerssrev up talk about the gas tax on
.tte u- s coast guard eleased its prrliimnary findings today 3 authoritiesssay the line was -3 conneeted to ne of the ship's penerators....and that eaking &pool hii a ot surface, -3 startinggthh fire..mre thaa crew were stranded off thh last week.tte triimph was evennually towed into port in mobile, alabama late thursday nighttthe uus coast guard sayss the full investiiation wiil last several montts. -3 p3 a you tube video by a baltimore rapper is getting -3 llt's of web attention... and &&pago. 3 a... kathleen cairrs....reports...//: 'hunit stackz'... was overwhelmed... with grief... elementary school... massacre..../ and... wanted to send a message... pof comfort ...to newtown. -3 3& in this west baalimore - rowhomm: underground: 3 ptudios') we find one of baltimore'ssfastest rising artists... ((unit staakzz - "normally i do more the unddrgrouud haad core style of hip hop, "bbt rapper hunit ssackz.... is also a pfaher offfour.... (nats song)"i sually dont do these -types of songs... "he is stepping o
kattina... in 2005.sandy was blamee for 72 & deaths in the u-s... and left &phunddrds oo thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. aarlines are getting better at arrives at your destination... -3 whee áyouu do.that's according toothe u-s department of - transportation... whichhsays tte nattoo's airlines repprted their lowest rate of mishaadled baggage in 18 yeaar. & last year... there were a little moreethan 3 reports of mishandlld baggage per 1- -3 thousand passengers last year. &pairllnes also had a neerly 82-percent on-ttme arrivall rate... ith wait times gettinngbetter. 3 burger king is giving he coffee it ells... a makeover. the fast food chain saas ii will dooble the numbee of coffee beverages it sells... to 10.beginning this week... burger king is replacing its & curreet brewed coffee wwth a smoother ssaatle's est bllnd. it also will have a new deeaf and a nne hot chocooate.the patte rolllut begins in march. 3 luxury smart phone company " vertu" ii releasing the "vertu ti"... oo ájustá underr 10-thousand dollars.it runs on phe android operatin
been trayvon martin's p8th birthday. 3 the u-s postal servvie will began ffering new stamp i honor of a civil 3 leader. on what wouud have beee her 100-th bbrthday....tte posttofficer & revealeddthe "rosa parks &pforeeer stamp".....oo monday. -3 parks was arrested in --3 1155 in montgooery, alabama -3 after efusing to give up er seet for a white maa. she beeame a allyiig ppint pprkk died in 2005 at &ppae 92. -& & ccming up on hh early edition... allinn for a pollcy change... within a nationaa organizaaion. pf america forced e back intt &pthe closet with its don't ask don'' tell poliiyy" reform... that'ssreportedly reached oer oneemillion signatures. 3 ((buup in)) 3&p((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 ((trafffc reporter addlibs)) map 400map 115 map 395 mapp 3 3 3 3 ptill to come... identttt seasonnthh red flags thht has been compromised. p3& pi pose no harm to anyone. i &ppassee alltteir backgroundd checks. i go tt church verr suuday." & sunday."urging the boy scouts pf america... to change its - ways.the cooe of coodu
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ithdrrwal ffom aaghansitan -- on immigration reform, he puuhed for a ath to in the u.s. "each of hese l - proposals eserres a vvte in congress." and on gunncontrol -- he made it clear he wants action. "the families of oak creek, and tucson, and other communities ripped open by gun violence - ttey deserre a simple vote."following the republicans' turn. loridaa senator marco rubio deliverrd his arty's message. "as yoo heard tonight, his solutiin to virtually eveey problem we more, borrow more nd spend more."prrsident obama said that nnoe of the ideas proposed innhis speech would he called a single imeewhat -3 republicans were quick to ideas carried a price tag, just yet.on capitol hill, i'' emily schmidt reporting 3&the majjrity oo eople liked the tate of the union address. according to a c-n-- poll.. 53 percent of people ho watched the resident's speech had a "positive reaction" to what he said... and only 22 percenn had a "negative response." the pope gives his final ash wednesday service at the vatica. this comme just days affer announcing that e will resign at he end offt
it baakkupp rrnning.there re cuurently 6 &ppeopll aboard the space station..wo of them are &pp3 the u-s postal service is & getting ready to deliver morr thannjust mail... 3& on tuesday... the agency pithha clothing line and accessories, callld "rain eat and snow." snow."the items will be sold 33 spring f 20144.e're tood the 3 dime o produce he line.. since it'ssbeing produced by a private company.a small percentaae of salls will go to & pelp it climb out of debt. 3 content... bbing develooed for content... being the & educational thh cassroom. 3bringgnn early edition... -3 briiging technology... into the classroom. 3 cooteet... being eveloped for 3 ,3 ,3 3& ((traffic rrpprter 3 ad libs))map greeen map lib 3 ad libs))map greebb map lib 3 3 3 ,3 still to comm... keeping fox 45... in yourrchannel line up. - up.the satellite subscribers -3 who cculddsoonnlose thee & station. 3&pan education revolution.hhww digital publishers are tryiig - toomake tteir way... into the classroom. 3((break 2)) 3 pigital texttooks will soon be the norm in ccaasroomss.. & and
a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service® no business too small. 3 3&p((buup in)) 3 ((ad lib meteooologiss)) 3 3 ((ttaffic eeorter addlibss) pappgreensprin maa 40 3 map 33 3 -3 3 -3 3 3 commng up....the orrolesshave reassn tt be optimiitic about ooe of their players comiig backkfrom injury..- injury.the play brian roberts 3 5550 from hallucination tt high lood pressure to psychotic reactioo 3 pot.the deadll consequences... 3 ((breakk2)) 3 following a fox 45 investigation last november... maryland lawmakerr are looking &pto outtaw the ssle of synnhetic marijuana.this morning... joyy lpola conttnues tt invessigate... how the sale of it has spread to the subbrbs. it's today's -3 cover tory.....joy uncovers -3 two deaths in carroll coonty blamed on the designer drug . . 3 p3 it's along main street... in a - quiee carrool county suburb... where our iivestigation beginn....an all american own 3 culture... aa a place tt ggt high.a act... some parents and polticians mmght atter chhose to ignore..imbal 19:47:19 thhy heard aaout
.and was named to u-s-- today's all-decadeeteam foo is currrntly the only center -3 pnnthe ravens roster...hee might be the guy... but llok and compeeition in he draft and hrough free agency. 3&p tavon austiinsays it would be aablessing to be a of the orioles, adam jones... tonight on sports unlimited... 3 this is something 3 this is somethinggyou don't see everydaa.... 3 3 dog-ridinggmonkeys... &ptaaing ver a t-v station...///. 3 in indianapolls.... theecowwoy monkeys raced & the dogs downnthe hallway....//// it was part of a segment -3 riding...../ the... female monkey... won the race,.../ but -3 only because she cheated ....nd... didn't... go all tte way to the nndoo the hallway...//. assa treat... for good behavior .../ tte monkeys were given pop tarts to munch &pon.. 3 -3 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30..,3 "family feudd is next. next.and we'll be bbck tonight for fox45 news at ten ---and the late edition at 11... 11...
could play... ittwas an honoo 33pto represent team u-s-a. fancy event on the wattrfront...the ripkee pamily's annual aspire gala.. this year's honorees... muhammad all... hild dvocate robbie callaway and under armmur.ali didn't attend.... but his wife was there.it's which has become the largest single-day fuudraising event in marrland.proceeds go to he &pcal ripken, seniir founddaion. of course we had to hit cal the orioles quite offseason... and 20-13 expectations. 3 p-c-l quarterfinals...john carroll hostinggcallert hall....4th &pquarter...patriots down 3... ppep player rodney elliott... front of the rim and ii...john tied at 39...cardinall re-take the lead...sean mayberry disses to evan phoonix for the lay in...caavert hall by 2.... game tied again...ellioot crossover...buries the jummer to givv the patriots a 43-41 lead....less than 15 ssconds... drew edwards 33for the lead.. nothing but irr..john carroll addances tt the semifinals agaiist mount st. joe...45--1 overrcalvert hall. that's all for sports &punllmited...i'' morgan adsit.. thanks forrwatchhnn...have &pgreat
at the chamber of the house of representatives and in the u.s. capitol where in a few minutes president obama will a congress and american people. hello again. i'm chris wallace reporting from the russell rotunda on capitol hill. president is set to deliver the first state of the union of his second term. he will focus jobs and the economy and lay out his agenda immigration reform and gun control and climate change. he will explain his plan to prevent $85 billion in automatic spending cuts due to kick in march 1st. for more on what the president will say tonight, wendall goller joins us. >> tonight's speech is all about the middle-class. president will say a rising middle-class is the true engine of economic growth. his aides will say inaugural and two acts in the same place. is republicans didn't see much bipartisan in the first act. john boehner says he doesn't have the guts to stand up to his own party. that is preemptive strike likely the expected criticism of boehner not standing up to the tea party and agreeing to a balance of spending cuts and additional revenue to reduce the deficit.
boost the u-s economm and helppreduce the federaa debt.opponents say it will cauue environmennal damage. 3 a sseel struccure in baltimore more than a ddcade will be demolished,,this morning..n its haa ay---the meevale gas holder located near west cold &&pfalls eepprssway--stooed nnturaa gas.but upgrades tt thhe egional natural gas -3 system have made thee acclity obsolete. -33& amber miller joins us ow livee -3 ffom theeviewing area at the baltimore ploytechnic institutt parking lot. good morning amber. -3 3&pii you'reeheaddng 3&pif you''e heaaing out this way please note there are oad cllsuuessaaruud tte safety perimeter-- inlcudiig the -jones fallssexpressway. & 3 good news...ccarm city.. isn'tt on the llstt listtbut find out the three otherrmajor u-s cities...hat rank on forbes maaazines'... mmst mmserables cities liit for this year. -3 3 you're watching fox 45 morning - news.. all looal.. all - 3 ((bump ouu)) >> they didn't mean you honestly expect her to forgive you? 3&prain storms knocced down trees and cut ff ppwer or arts of the tlanna m
years, we've relied on the u-s ppstal servvce to get ouu mail o -3 where it needs to go.but each year its losing billions of dollaas...and big chhnges are on the way. way.jjnice park is streaming us gettready to say ggodbye to jefffthrough, snow, rain and pce...there has alwwys been one constant...thh post an. but the mmnny issgonee..so 3 will still be getting medicine and packaggs....uu say ggodbye -3 to saturday maii. over the past six years....he possal servvce as lost 41 biollion dollars. as morr people use email ann electronic banking...tt ave money, the agency will halt saturddy mail deliveeyy - startinggii august.the u-s postal serrice says they will still deliver packages, mail order medicines and priority mail. 3 3 "withhpeoole tweeting & twitterrnn if thhy need o cut costs, it's one fo the ways oo do t" &pit" 3"i don't agree with the five days, because some people will be laad off, others will ose 3 post offices will still keep -3 their saturday hours...the - postal service sayy research baatimore, jp foxx4 news latt edition..- 33 a...
gulf of mexico ffr refining anddprocessing. - peppblicans say the kkestone pprjecttwould boost the u-s eccnomy ann help reduce the & ddmage..-3 airmen wwrr honored this 3 world wwr two. tte men were &pthe first black piloos and 3 military. in california they wereehooooed - with a three miie ssretch of highway ttat's deeicateddto 3 'generatiinnafter generation beeause of the workkttattyou all did and what you get out of hat is a coonnry and we caando things that we couldd havv nnvvr haveedone before.' &//butt to//'theesigns will &pfoo ur ccuntry.''- country.' a world war two era p--1 plane flew -3 pver the ceremony as aa reminder to thh sacrifice thee & airmen made. p don't miis out oo - yyur chhnce to in a free it includes a 2 night stay &pat the couutyard marriot hotel in hunt vvlley, a omantic dinner and hissanddher spa and 3 just a ffe mmnutes we're going - to drrw naae for the lucky winner. 45 mornnng nees.. all llcal... 3& 3 & the votee are in, and it's official...."twilight: - breaking dawn: part 2" is thh -& est of
- photos in the world. it wws takknnbyy je rosenthaa as five u-s marines and a avv corpsman raised the ameeican flaggduring the battle offiwo jima. tte phott went on to become the focus of the marine corps war memorial...which is -3 better known as thee"iio ima 3 3 a race car crrases ptrough the safety fence. the mountiig injuries from thiss horrific acccdent. 3 3 a bbnch clearing brawl. how this baseball game turned into a cageefight..- 3 an rban avalanche. the massiie amount of snow that's tiil covering the &pcountry onightt 3 3 the race is over in daytona tooighttbut it coull be awhile beforeefaas recovee.... 3& their feet cheering the suddenly a car hit a fence and pieces of it sailed into the grandstand.... ick reichmuth briigs ou the lateet on the lifee-hreatening crash in aytona beach. beach. beaah..after a muuti-car crash occurred neaa the end of he nattonwide series race.several closely-packed cars were up, setting off a dangerous chain reaction that ensnared a number of vehicles.chitwood iii says
technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus ummary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at usps.com®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪ >> chris: and we're back now with senatohn mccain. senator, welcome. >> thank you, chris. >> chris: you just heard nancy pelosi talk about these automatic spending cuts, that kick in on march 1st. sh
senate confirmation hearing this week. when asked about the u.s. policy on iran's nuclear program. and it is time for our sunday group. republican strategist kevin madden, nina easton of "fortune" magazine, radio talk show host laura ingraham and former democratic senator evan byah. senator, you served in the senate 12 years, have you ever seen a nominee for a top cabinet post at a worse confirmation hearing. >> he didn't bring his a-game, and everybody would concede this, chuck among them but at the end of the day it will not matter. he'll be confirmed because there is a strong presumption the president gets to choose his own cabinet, unless something disqualifies him from a personal standpoint and, the republicans will vote no, becauset an easy no vote and, he gets his cabinet and they get to express their reservations, and, unless there is a filibuster, it would raise the bar but i think he'll be confirmed but it will create heartburn for moderate republicans and in the final analysis i think the ultimate take away is the next time secretary of defense hagel comes before congre
-aalaki, an amerrcan born cleric who joined al attack ... both were u-s cittzens who had never been innicted or chaged with any crime by the u-s-what should the average american be happen on u-s ssil-doocments - released to congressional intelligence committees ... whht will they do with the information & coming up... a kiosk... that alllws ou to see yourself as a diiferent race. where ou can go to test it out.....and howw youuself as. you're watching e - fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. (((reak 4)) the ravens secret weaponhow a it's oor freeebru-re tonight. ary giveaway! 3 giveaway!every day in february we're giving away 100- dollars an hour. hoor.óóóóóó you have 300 minutes to call us at the &pnumber on your screen. &pscreen.iffyou doo'ttcaal in.. your prize rolls overrinto the next hoor or someooe lse to w! boxx. go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore nd fill out the forr.you caa allo go there to read complete conteet baltimore county- hereford zone... harfordd counny and howard couny schools are openingg2 hours lat. late.you cannssgn up to have del
ladiess- ladiesthat is single 3& ladies."it peaked attnumber one on the u-s billboard hoo certified quadruple-platiinm. digital copiis worldwide beccming one of the - time worldwide 3 let's take it backkin time a little bit with "crazy in love". 3 nats crrzy in love love 3 that's thh grammy award - winnnng hit "ccazy in p003... but it is stiil a favorite around here.this is a solo artist in the u-s..tt 3 100 chart for eight consecutive weeksthe rest is -3 hissory... aa a solo artist, beyonce as sold more han 13 states and ovee 75 million records wooldwide, making her &pone of the best-selling mussc --33 prtists of all time 3 beyooce will be at the verizon center in washiigton dc on july 0-th.tickett go n sale through live nation t 10 o- clockkthis morning. 3 we want o get you into tte phhw for free.live nation sent the 10-th calllr riggt now at 410-48114545 winssa pair of ticketss 3 coming up in our 7 3 o'clock hour... 3 keep more moneyyin your wallet. & what you can do ánowá....to shave dollars off yyur energy & bill.you're watching fox 45 - mo
repuulicans,,demmcratt, ministeess obbyisss, bbreaucrats, edia, u.s military generaas, resiients, the political scene are susceptible to this corruption. an 18th centtryycommentator &lord cton corrrctly pummarizes the iren call, 3 power corrupts absolutely". a more modern day igure, governor ohn kasich of ohio gave some advice to some young in october on theecaapaign --3 traillforrromney when he said thattits ot healtty to stay -3 in ggvernmenn forever and know your limits. gov. kassch - highlighted this point when he sppke about his careee as - chairman and hy he lefttfor the private ector after years of workiig in ashington as a poogressman in hho's 12th district. givenn he toxiccty pf pplitical ower ii washington dc, i can thiik of no better amendment to the states of amerrca than ttrmm limits. for more on ttis storr visst behind tte & eadlines dot net..and foolow 3 push in maryland aryland.how 3 convvnce state lawmakerrs on fox 45 news att ive. 3 3 3 3
eeplosion ouuside the u-s embassy in turkey. turrey.who pplice say is behind he ct of terror. 3 3 the standoff in alabama enners day four.. with nooend - in sight.... what w'ere & holding a 5-year-old boy hostage underground. 3 phoughhit was deceetive it was a ot of positive that came out of it. it. p3 the man behind the manti & he says... it was actuallyya ágoodá thhng... and hissother bombshell confession. p3 --adblib weather tz-- & 3 out of turkey tonighhan attack 3 leavee onn person dead... ...and investigators are closing in on the group responnible for theeattack attackit... ttok place inside the securiiy checkpointtat the side entrance of the mbassy in ankkra...the bomb... -3 powerful enough to punch a hole in the building and throw debris into he street one guard was killld, tww others injured. 3&pparney says: "" suicidee - bombing oo the perimeter of an embassy is byydefinition ann act of ttrrro. it ii a terrorist attack." attack." 3 offiiials in turkey identified - this man as the attacker.he's parr of radiccllmarxist roop
paul harvvy's -3 tribute to u-s ffrmerscooper says: foo me personally i really enjoyed the ram ad. i pappas says: i ttink it put & dddge on the mmp as a super pbowl contender forrfuuure & ommercials.still, there wwre saying go daddy dot com upped theegrrss factor.pappas sayy: gambll....bblow the belt if yoo will.cooper says: heyyre getting hammered n social -3 medii. i don't think the ad pretty gross.so whoowassthe - bowl was beyonce. she really crushed it. but certainly the clldesdale foal was a 3&psays: people were just saying i want to give that horse a & ug. jjst to elicit thht kind with he names of he branns, that by ar is he bbst thinn you could possibly hooe for. gangnam styye appee psy making hii ""ebut" last night. ut arr hissfiiteen minutess up?cooper saas: people were kind of stressed out about the blackout and they this ad caam on. it wws kind of un. it kknddof brought the ooo ack up a bit. i've also i've head kind of ridicuuouu.going into the game ollswagen's ad starrrng a midwesserner &psportingga jjmaicaa acent
for 722deaths in the u-s... and left &phunddeds of ttousands of homes 3 costliest storr..., of course,,.. being hurricane katrina... in 2005...///. 3 3 3&ptoss to wwather, the wintee mix is falling noww 3- 3 falling noww the winter mix is ttss to weather, -33& toss to wwether, the winner mix is falling now. p he was tred of walkinn. tte ccmplete lack f common school bus. p3& a mannssfaceeon a naked woman's body. the reason pne lawmakkr is demandinn a -3 photoshop ban. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at choosebp.com 3 a... georgia... state lawmaker is annry... that someone photoshopped his heed... onto... a hee.. wantss.. to make it a crime..../. & 3 free speecc... iin't pttpping... rep
earlier blasts, but the device was -smaller in size and lighterr the u-s geooogical ssrveyydid - report a seismic event near 3 earrier tests. today's had a maggitude of five point one.. south korea estimatee thee blast was around six orrseven the earlier tests.north korea &precently wwrnedd t planned new nuuleer ttss and more loogg raage roccet launches.experts say thh timinggis not an after thought...it comes aheaa of of the unnin address this evening.and juss ahead of the -3 biithday of ffrmer nooth &pjong il diid in 2011 and wws 3 succeeded byyhis son kim jong &puninternationaa analyst jim tactical."tth party was ead, it wws dormant, no one cared &pabout it, now they're trying to ump it up,but his is a military first society, how do you balance all of that? i -3 think oome that's the quuetion oinggforward."in a statemmnt, president obama - called the testt highly provocative acttthat undermines reggonall stability... and warrants swwft and credible action by the international communitt. i'm ed payne repooring 3 the unitedd ations sscuriiy council
senator ted cruise. we have got a job and right now the u.s. senate is the battlefield. they are calling you a gop rock star. i try to pay very little attention to the media. my focus is on trying to make a difference for the principle that is make this country strong. cbn's david brody one on one with texas senator ted cruise. on "the 700 club" wednesday 3 mettorologist)) coming up... there's o stalling this horre... whee she wants to escape froo her stall.the tricky situattons she managgs - to ggt outt f... ttme and time - again. 3 puttnext... we'reetaking your - calls about pets. pets.have a queetion? just -3& call theenumber n yyur screen... 410-481-4545... for some free advice.you're -3 watching foxx45 good day baltimore. 3 we are back with christine - lando from the baltimore humane society.shh is here to & pnswer questions yoo mmy have about your pet... o now is addice... just call 410-481-45-45 right now.- whatt living space? 3 3 33 -3 3 lion, paa- paa- 3 branni - "my 8-yearrold yorkiee keepssgettinn a bump on the back of her heed. what could ii be?
and the chaaccs of -3 it coming to the u-s. 3 fat five grams, "" 3&pand.. ssopping secrets.two ttings you can do to eat healthy without speeding a lot 3 3 3 &p 3 3 tuesdaay ebruary 199h 33 p 3 3 3 3 drivers aae seeing more paii p3 gas costs an average of 3-74 a gallon.. that's upp14 cents frommthhs time last weekk and up 355cents rom this time last month.. ww - gallon his timeelast year. year. it's hitting walletss &pright in the middle of winter -3 when home heatinn bills arr - pighest ... and many peeple have been hit itt smalllr paychecks. experts sy everythiig from rising crude oil ppices to production cuts ad refinery closings may be causing this increasee phose prices create a whole lawmakers... dealing with ways to increase trrnsportation revenue this week. week..egan gillilaan is live how much it'll cost you. 3ggod morniig guysrighh now... see 3 them go even higher... as lawmakers rev up aak about the gaa tax once again. agaii.a senatt committee iss expecced to onsider severa
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